Dear Friend, here’s a few wedding dresses I thought you might like…With love, me

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A gorgeous blond, ethereal, bubbly, extremely bright and simply stunning. This is how I would describe my former boss who became a dear friend and someone I’ll never forget for her kindness. The great news is: SHE IS GETTING MARRIED!

Congratulations, my dear!

So, to say thank you and wish you the very best with your planning, here’s a small choice of wedding dresses that I think (potentially to your complete disappointment) would look absolutely gorgeous on you!

First of all, a selection from my all time favourite, super-duper, best  of the bestest, most elegant, least tacky, quintessentially Italian, effortless and contemporary, Le Spose di Gió. I love their gowns (as you may remember from my wedding pictures) and would recommend them to anyone. The quality of materials, beauty and simplicity are unmatched.

Le Spose di Gio C11 22

The princess dress, without blingy trimmings… It’s SO elegant and doesn’t remotely looking like the dreaded merengue. The epitome of understated elegance.

Le Spose di Gio C11 14

Tone down the earlier dress and you have a classic version that is modern and funky at the same time.

Le Spose di Gio C11 19

A sassy short number, tight on your waste but voluminous on the skirt. It’s young while retaining a vintage look. Perfect for comfort.

Pronovias 2011 Glamour Collection_FRANCE

Pronovias is also one of my favourites; however, while the house is generally known for their stunning figure-hugging lace pieces, I think this dress is perhaps less sexy than their staple dresses, but remains timeless and romantic, perfect for a country manor wedding.

Pronovias 2012 You Collection_JASPE

I can see you wearing this, my lovely friend! The tight waist and the sparkly detail remind me so much of you!

And finally, The Jenny Packham. JP is the designer known for making any bride, even the one who cannot imagine ever being comfortable in a wedding dress, love her dress.

Jenny Packham_SS2011_DEAREST

If you don’t like my selection, don’t worry my friend, I won’t take offence… :-)

Hopefully some other bride has found inspiration from one of these dresses…

With love,

xx Betta

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