Richard & Alissa Wedding Highlights Video

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Hope you have enjoyed the engagement video of Richard & Alissa that I posted this morning.

This beautiful couple has kindly shared with us their wedding highlight video too and has given us some beautiful insights into their stunning happy day.

Our wedding day was 2 years in the making. We were so excited when the wedding day finally came. Planning the wedding was a roller coaster of emotions, mostly good ones. It was great planning a day together that both of us would remember for the rest of our lives.
When we choose the locations, vendors and all the wedding details, we took our time and really made sure we felt a good connection with all the people we were working with (such wise words!). The locations we choose for the videography and photography were based on our love for the distillery district. The decor and colours came together after I choose my dress; it was hard to imagine what we wanted until I had what I was going to wear in mind.  I always wanted a vintage looking lace wedding dress so that was the easy part.
I wanted the decor to look clean, elegant and have a few vintage elements to it.  This is where I included accents of lace, creams, and whites. The colour for the bridesmaids dresses was decided when I went shopping with the girls, myself and all the girls really liked the shade of purple and thought it would be a great colour for an October wedding.  

The planning process was great, it gave my husband and I an opportunity to really bring the both of us together to make one perfect day… I had many emotions, all happy ones. It was one of the best days of my life and I am so excited we have it documented with wonderful photography and videography.
There was one thing that my husband and I really researched: videography and photography were at the top of our list because they were the only visual memory we would have of the day. We will forever have pictures and video of people in our lives.  It is something we will cherish forever.  
Post wedding has been wonderful, being with someone for 7 years and finally being able to see them before you go to bed and night and when you wake up in the morning is wonderful. We are so happy and I truly miss the wedding day. I wish I could have slowed time that day so it wouldn’t go by so quickly!”
We wish you a lot of happiness, Rich and Alissa.
If you would like more information on PGP Wedding (please note, they are a Canadian company), you can contact them via their Contact page, or call the studio: 905-796-9802. Jason and the team are a really friendly bunch and I’m sure they’d love to be able to assist you!
x Betta

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  1. Jacqui

    The brides speech to my breat away and I adored how the wedding party were walking through quaint buildings. Thank you for featuring it

    • Elisabetta

      Hi Jacqui, thank you so much for your comment. I love this couple and their wedding is so full of emotions… The letters they’ve written for each other are so sweet – something to read, every year at their anniversary, for the rest of their life. Just beautiful! x


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