Welcome to the new Linen and Silk!

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[Thank you, via Patricia Mumau, by Primele on Etsy]

Welcome to the new Linen and Silk blog!

This is an incredible day for me – months of hard work, late nights and even a few tears have culminated in this – a beautifully looking wedding blog that is more ‘me’: a young(ish) girl from Milan, who values weddings and couples that love romantic traditionalism expressed in a contemporary way, one that is pure, fresh, and modern.

It’s been a painful process, figuring out what I truly like and dislike, understanding who I am and how this needed to be visualised in a new logo and brand. I’ve had to pour out my soul and be determined not to make any compromises. Part of the process involved looking at other blogs and brands, and translate the inspiration I got from these into real words, sentences and reasons why these were inspiration to me, so that the designer could in turn interpret all of this into something that was true, a faithful image of who I am.

As you can see, the name has remained. After much deliberation and the comments from friends and industry peers telling me that it would be a shame if I changed it, I’ve realised that the meaning of this name is still resonating with me and what this brand stands for.

But let me tell you, this is just the beginning. I truly believe this is only the first step towards an exciting journey, one that will hopefully raise the profile of my humble blog and will bring out my voice, my personality and my expertise to inspire and support contemporary brides in their wedding planning process. I also want Linen & Silk to be a place to support the talented wedding professionals of this country and further afield, to give them a voice and introduce them to couples and brides who may not otherwise come across them when searching for suppliers.

A new posts schedule will be published soon and wedding submissions will also be featured more. The aim is not to show you the most expensive, opulent weddings, or make anyone who hasn’t planned for a similar affair feel inadequate. I want every wedding I feature to simply be source of inspiration, to give you ideas, stimulate your creativity or help you come up with solutions to logistical problems. And on this note, if you are a photographer, videographer, or even a bride who’d like her wedding to be featured on the new Linen & Silk Blog, please do get in touch or visit the submission page for information. I’d love to hear from you!

The exciting news is that to celebrate the relaunch, this week I will be featuring several suppliers who have generously offered exclusive discounts for their products and services to all our lovely couples!


And lastly, my Oscar-like list of thank you’s to all the people that are behind the Linen & Silk Blog project:

  • My husband, Mr L&S, who generously gives up his time with me to allow me to work on the blog. Without him and his encouragement, this blog wouldn’t exist. Even when I don’t have the strength to continue working at night, he gives me that gentle push in the form of: “Aren’t you supposed to be on your computer tonight?”. Or if I call him in the middle of the day and tell him I’m cleaning the house, he kindly reminds me of what my priorities should be: “What do you mean you are doing housework? Aren’t you supposed to be blogging?!” …No need to tell me twice!
  • Mum and dad, who gave up to a holiday with us at Christmas to allow me and my brother to work on the blog, and for always believing that not only I will make it, but that despite not understanding what a blog is, they also believe that I’ll be successful at it. There’s nothing like your parents’ support to make you feel motivated!
  • My designer, aka my bother, who’s had to put up with me, the most pedantic client he’s probably ever had, for the past few months. The things is, my brother has known me for the past 30 years, and he gets me. He knows who I am, what I’m thinking of (most times!) and how to interpret my personality and my ‘italianness’ in the form of graphics. Thank you, Pasqui, for the dedication, care and attention. I hate to admit this, but you are my awesome brother and an outstanding designer!
  • Kim Lawer, Finest Imaginary, a talented designer and web developer, who with lots of patience agreed to implement this new look & feel to my blog. She subjected herself to virtual torture and gracefully dealt with the most confusing emails from me. Kim is super professional, quick and a complete pleasure to work with.
  • Last, but by no means least, is YOU, my fabulous readers, who day after day have been following my rumblings, and patchy posting, and yet you’ve persevered. You returning to this little blog means so much to me. Your trust and kind words in the form of comments and emails make me the happiest. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
Once again, thank you, truly and deeply!
Baci e abbracci [xoxo],

12 Responses to “Welcome to the new Linen and Silk!”

  1. Emma

    Looking absolutely fabulous Betta, congratulations! So looking forward to continuing to read and explore xx

  2. Elisabetta

    Thank you so much Emma and Anna for your kind words! I’m really looking forward to making the blog a buzzing place for brides and wedding professionals. Your support is invaluable!
    xx Betta

    • Elisabetta

      Thank you, Modupe. You’re so kind! I hope I’ll be able to live up to the expectations :) x

    • Elisabetta

      Neda, you’re so so welcome. Thank YOU for putting your trust in me! I’m so pleased that the blog works as a resource for you. It makes me so happy because this is exactly what I’m hoping brides and grooms will come to this blog for! xx

  3. Elisabetta

    Thank you Fabienne and Asher for your kind comments! Looks like the new logo is going down well! Thank you so much!

    • Elisabetta

      Thank you, Andri! So glad you like it! I finally feel like the blog is Me… :-)


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